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Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast

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Oct 27, 2023

Todd is 40 years old and he has been on the carnivore diet for just over 9 months.  He weighed approximately 715 to 760 lbs when he started the carnivore diet. At 14 years old, he weighed 600 lbs, and he currently weighs 470 lbs. He was confined to a chair for over 2 years. He needed oxygen 24 hours a day. He suffered from congestive heart failure, reactive airway disease, lymphedema, pre-diabetes, suicidal depression, anxiety, recurring gout, gum disease, high blood pressure, and his resting pulse was always around 100 bpm. He couldn't stand for more than 90 seconds at a time, and he had neuropathy in his feet and lower legs. His oxygen saturation had been below 88% since he was 18 years old. Now, he is completely off oxygen, and his saturation level is 96%. His resting heart rate is between 68 to 70 bpm. 

Today he is completely mobile, off all medications, and almost everything has either fully healed or is 99% healed. The carnivore diet literally saved his life, and he now sees a hopeful future.

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:02:08 Growth, struggles, and health issues in childhood.
00:06:21 Breathing issues led to suggested gastric bypass.
00:09:41 Discovering sous vide cooking transformed my meals.
00:11:34 Lost weight by eating very little.
00:16:32 Stopped drinking soda, lost weight, breathed better.
00:21:45 Weight gain, struggles with keto, 40-day water fast.
00:26:14 Oxygen changed life; stuck in chair.
00:29:06 Health worsened. 
00:33:42 Resolved cravings with electrolyte-infused sparkling lemonade.
00:36:59 Weight loss journey from 647 pounds.
00:40:19 Surgeries, psychologists, nutritionist, ketogenic diet, low testosterone, blood panel.
00:43:15 Improved mobility, reduced medication intake, weight loss.
00:46:44 First service call in 5 years. Still working from home.
00:48:18 Nervous woman loses weight, promotes carnivore diet.
00:57:13 Where to find Todd.

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