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Dec 29, 2023

Kevin grew up in a family that prioritized gathering for family dinners, often enjoying large banquets at Chinese restaurants. These gatherings were filled with an abundance of meat dishes, including whole roast pigs and other meat-centric meals. 

Kevin delves into his journey of adopting a carnivore diet and the profound impact it has had on his health. From experiencing severe eczema outbreaks to achieving remarkable weight loss and improved mental clarity, Kevin shares his inspiring transformation story. Kevin discusses his transition from a high-vegetable keto diet to a carnivore diet, the challenges he faced, and the significant improvements in his overall well-being. Kevin and Shawn also touch upon topics such as meat-heavy dietary traditions in Hong Kong and managing a meat-based diet in Canada.

00:00 Trailer and introduction.
05:37 Struggled mentally, found relief in carnivore diet.
08:46 Exercise, stress, food, reflection amid work changes.
12:28 Asian family thought crazy, but saw results.
14:20 Carnivore diet increased strength and muscle mass.
16:08 High carb diet caused inflammation and flare-ups.
22:09 Balancing coaching, work, and family with energy.
23:20 Meat prices have gone up, grass-fed availability.
27:23 Carnivore recipes, low carb, keto, real food.
30:42 Roast pork belly recipe with crispy skin.
33:41 Touching on health topics, including customization and experimentation.
36:04 Diet and exercise crucial for skin health.
39:37 Eating in 6-hour window, two meals.
42:56 No processed foods, mainly meat and vegetables.
45:37 Overcoming food addiction, balance macros, and exercise.
49:16 Closing.

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