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Jul 31, 2022

Seth is currently the assistant wrestling coach at the University of Wisconsin. He is 26 years old and was the first national champion Division 1 for South Dakota State University in any sport. He also just made his first world team this year and will represent the United States at the World Championships in September. Diet is a huge part of wrestling having to make a certain weight every time you compete. Early in his career he had a poor diet and did everything he could to outwork a bad diet. As his career progressed he tried out counting calories and counting macros which worked for making weight but he wasn’t feeling his best and always struggled to hit his numbers. He tried out keto for awhile and weight control was also good but didn’t feel he was getting the energy he needed to get through workouts and competition. 7-8 months ago after finding out he had a laberal tear and immense back pain (previously had Spinal fusion), he started the carnivore diet and it has been an amazing experience so far. No inflammation, energy and focus has been at all time high, muscle retention and recovering better than ever to name a few of the many benefits he has seen so far.

00:00 Introduction
06:13 Different styles of wrestling
08:14 Wrestling on the carnivore diet
13:27 Performing better on the carnivore diet
16:26 Eating carnivore on the day of a match
20:42 Pain on the carnivore diet
24:09 Traveling for wrestling
27:23 Talking to coach about diet
29:16 Doping vs carnivore performance
34:12 Raw diet for training
38:04 Putting on size and strength on carnivore diet
42:02 Carbs and pain
44:58 Vegan wrestlers
48:58 Inspiring others to try the carnivore diet

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