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May 3, 2024

Dr. Clay Moss is an Intern level Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation resident at the University of South Florida, having recently received his M.D. from the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. Among other things, growing up around the world renowned Andrews Institute, and completing his medical school internship with the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition (IHMC), played a significant role in fostering his interest in functional and longevity medicine as well as human optimization.

Instagram: claymoss7

00:00 Trailer.
00:52 Introduction.
04:31 Exploring non-traditional medicine, carnivore diet experience.
09:08 Improving lives through personalized health and treatment.
10:00 Seeking PM&R as a path to clinic.
14:31 Transitioned to meat-based diet, reaped physical benefits.
17:41 Medical school is less demanding with technology.
20:28 Prepares meals in advance, sometimes eats out.
22:45 Worst strep throat, disappointed by hospital food.
27:12 Many still addicted to sugar, despite health concerns.
28:46 Improved health through better sleep, nutrition habits.
32:14 Balancing training goals and physique for performance.
33:58 Processed food, big pharma, influence on health.
36:57 Media spreading awareness about industry corruption motivates change.
40:49 Transition from idealistic medicine to health-conscious population.
43:55 High cholesterol's relevance varies based on health.
46:22 Individual tolerance to risk and statins importance.
49:21 Where to find Clay.

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