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Aug 21, 2023

Amy turns to the carnivore diet amidst struggles with chronic kidney disease and weight challenges. The diet reverses her kidney issues, and she finds camaraderie in a community of fellow carnivores. As she navigates this lifestyle, Amy discovers it's affordable. Her transformation, both physical and mental, becomes an inspiration to many. Setting short-term fitness goals, she remains committed to her health journey. Amy's story underscores the power of determination, community, and embracing change, offering hope to those facing similar health battles.

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:01:04 Metabolic sickness, kidney disease, brain fog, fasting.
00:08:08 Sugar addict finds stress relief through engagement.
00:13:56 Extreme carnivore lifestyle motivated by life or death.
00:16:46 Family scared, extreme diet changes, no community.
00:21:43 No sugar cravings, occasional cashews addiction.
00:24:52 Priorities: health, appearance, strength, and progress.
00:31:29 Weight training helps at any age.
00:33:42 Steak and butter program helped me evolve.
00:40:18 Cystatin-C test to measure GFR.
00:44:02 Short-term fitness goals; sprinting and fasting protocol
00:46:50 Carnivore Instagram, introverted, struggles with social media.
00:49:50 Closing.

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