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Jul 25, 2023

Daz, a former vegetarian and vegan of 20 years, undergoes a significant transformation after incorporating meat into his diet in 2017, and later fully adopting the carnivore diet in 2022. This shift results in substantial improvements in his mental health, including enhanced concentration, reduced anxiety, and improved handling of life situations. He also experiences remarkable physical benefits, such as relief from lower back pain, knee inflammation, and plantar fasciitis, and attributes these changes to a decrease in carbohydrate intake. Despite facing societal judgement for his dietary choices, he becomes an advocate for the carnivore diet within his community, highlighting its potential advantages over plant-based diets and the historical evidence of meat consumption.

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:03:04 Driving a bus hindered active lifestyle.
00:06:23 Transitioned to vegetarian and then vegan lifestyle.
00:08:25 Initial excitement turned into physical limitations. Cognitive effects discovered later.
00:11:44 Struggled to gain weight, now strong lifter.
00:16:12 Gained weight from eating lots of carbs. Lost weight on carnivore diet.
00:19:23 Bus driver overcomes physical ailments with diet change.
00:22:56 No physical downside, annoyed with others' reactions.
00:27:01 Eats 6-12 eggs daily; loves meat.
00:29:20 Carnivore diet transformed my mental health completely.
00:32:52 Happy to have three meat-eating children.
00:35:00 Continuous improvement leads to improved well-being.
00:38:55 Carnivore diet is natural, healthier, and greener.
00:40:50 People in community choosing plant-based lifestyles.
00:44:33 Maintain muscle, join bodybuilding at 50.
00:48:47 Where to find Daz.

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