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Jun 29, 2024

Leo Calligaro is a farmer who shares his personal journey of health transformation. Born in Venezuela, Leo comes from a family with a strong agricultural background. His grandparents, who lived into their late 90s, grew their own food and inspired Leo's passion for farming.

After moving to the United States, Leo initially embraced the fast-food culture, leading to a diabetes diagnosis. Determined to avoid insulin dependency, he sought alternative solutions. Through the books "The Complete Guide to Fasting" by Dr. Jason Fung and the teachings of Dr. Boz, Leo discovered the power of a low-carbohydrate, primarily carnivore diet combined with fasting.

Within 90 days, Leo's health dramatically improved. His triglycerides, glucose, and A1C levels normalized, and he lost 110lbs. Inspired by his grandmother's wisdom to eat food as nature intended, Leo decided to grow his own food and founded Our Ancestors' Foods.

Our Ancestors' Foods aims to create a community that values clean, unprocessed food and prioritizes health. Leo, fully committed to the carnivore lifestyle, invites others to join him on this journey towards a healthier future.


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00:00 Trailer.
00:46 Introduction.
03:57 Cattle raised naturally.
08:57 Farmers and ranchers.
11:26 Improving sandy soil through compost.
15:42 Tall fences to protect farm.
16:47 Cows escape, legal and financial trouble.
20:51 Promoting health through ancestral foods.
23:54 Retreat sold out.
26:05 Doctor recommended low carb diet.
28:52 Changed diet, insulin reduced.
32:18 Brahma cattle parasite resistance.
38:00 Mushrooms causing fence damage.
41:55 Where to find Leo.

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