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Jun 22, 2024

Veronika came to Australia from the Czech Republic to study Sport and Exercise Science in 2003, which ignited her passion to discover the 'recipe' for everlasting health, fitness and wellbeing. That's how she became a Personal Trainer, Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Strength Coach and Nutritionist.

Work aside, she LOVES running and proudly calls herself an ultra marathoner! Especially, after completing one of the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc races in 2018. Running is her everything… meditation, stress relief, hobby, means of transport and a rewarding way to socialise and connect with people. She loves helping others fall in love with running and to become better runners.

Her quest to find a truly healthy convenience food to take on her running adventures wasn't very successful, so she ended up creating her own wholefood snacks, and she's super proud to be a co-founder of Chief Nutrition. Besides being a co-founder, she's the company's chief nutritionist.

She's 44 years old, and last year, she was at her best health and fitness level ever. Then, suddenly, her health started to fall apart, which is why she decided to try a pure carnivore diet. She implemented the diet during a very challenging month (physically, mentally and timewise) and had great health and performance results.

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00:00 Trailer.
00:47 Introduction.
04:41 Food environment from Czech Republic to Australia.
10:27 Water-only fast.
13:45 Microbiome in carnivore diet.
17:03 Feeling energetic all day.
18:42 Low carb state may reduce soreness after races.
21:57 Lean individuals on low-carb diets experience cholesterol rise.
23:32 Consider getting coronary calcium score for heart.
27:32 Many people dislike plain vegetables or need seasoning.
29:35 Veganism pushback.
33:40 Giving up dairy to help weight loss.
38:18 Lab results.
40:17 Industry view on ultra-processed food.
42:19 Unhealthy eating for athletic performance.
45:29 Drug effectiveness vs side effects.
50:47 Where to find Veronika.

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