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Jul 27, 2023

Kerry Mann Jr, age 42. He is finally the captain of his own ship! He has taken control of his health, lifestyle, and purpose. His journey on the carnivore diet, which he started 115 days ago, marked the beginning of a transformative period in his life. Having been on a strict lion diet for the last 27 days, Kerry has lost an impressive 47 lbs, and is only 13 lbs away from his goal of being 100 lbs lighter than his heaviest.

Alongside his personal journey, Kerry is a veteran YouTuber of 8 years, creating content for his channel, HomesteadHow. His platform hosts over 500 videos, with his carnivore diet 30-day update drawing nearly 700,000 views. Kerry's gratification lies not in numbers, but in the life-changing impact his story has had on others who were once hopeless like him. The joy of seeing them regain control of their lives through the carnivore diet is the real reward.

This diet, however, is more than a weight loss regimen for Kerry; it's a life transformation. Since adopting the carnivore lifestyle, he has bid goodbye to his arthritic foot pain, sleep apnea, acid reflux, and IBS. The diet also helped him overcome the crippling clinical depression and anxiety that none of the SSRIs seemed to alleviate. Gone are the days of walking around in a mental fog - Kerry is now full of life and vigor.

Beyond personal triumphs, Kerry is committed to spreading the word about the benefits of the carnivore diet, not as a mandate, but as a testament to what it can do. He is currently in the process of producing a documentary on carnivore, aiming to shed light on real stories and real examples of people suffering from debilitating health issues, from obesity and depression to autoimmune disorders and diabetes. Already, hundreds of individuals have stepped forward to share their stories, and Kerry intends to help many more through this initiative, funded entirely through his own and public contributions.

Adding to his personal testament is his 18-year-old daughter who started carnivore and reversed her 5 year battle with HS. His 15-year-old daughter, who after five years of veganism, started the carnivore diet 65 days ago and is already seeing the benefits. Together, Kerry and his daughters are evidence of the life-changing potential of the carnivore diet, and they are committed to sharing this journey with the world.

00:00:00 Introduction.
00:01:52 Overweight for 24 years, health issues. 
00:05:07 Carnivore diet changed my life: health issues resolved.
00:13:37 Unusual couple finds rural property, embraces homesteading.
00:17:39 Couple fulfills dream of owning movie theater.
00:21:18 Demonize meat, sell more sugar.
00:26:52 Carnivore diet improves mood, anxiety, and cognition.
00:31:57 Family adopts carnivore diet, overcoming skepticism.
00:36:07 Creating carnivore diet documentary to inspire and educate.
00:41:24 30-day carnivore diet, copied Dr. Baker, loves steak
00:45:34 Carnivore diet eliminates cravings and saves money.
00:49:44 Dietary changes helped daughter recover from illness.
00:55:38 Interesting case of HS cured with carnivore.

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