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Apr 17, 2024

Theo, a Belgian musician and entrepreneur, and Nicole, a visual artist and anthropologist from Hong Kong,  are the creative minds behind a Carnivore Picture Storybook aimed at the Carnivore Community. Their journey began after Theo discovered the carnivore diet while treating his chronic health issues, including asthma and IBS. The couple turned to carnivore diet, a shift that significantly improved both of their health. This dietary transition, coupled with Nicole's contrasting experiences between the sugary European diet and her meat-rich Hong Kong heritage, inspired them to author a Carnivore Picture Storybook aimed at the Carnivore Community and beyond.

Living across France, Belgium, and the UK, the couple is committed to promoting the carnivore diet not only as a healthy choice but as a way of life, especially as they plan to start a family. They recognize a gap in educational materials about carnivore eating for younger audiences and see their book as a pivotal step towards filling this void. Their work strives to make the carnivore lifestyle understandable and accessible to all, believing in the power of their story and experiences to inspire and inform a broader audience.



00:00 Trailer.
00:50 Introduction.
05:16 Personal health journey, alternative medicine, chronic issues.
07:12 Country limits homeschooling except for prodigies, disabled.
12:33 Explains differences between carnivore and herbivore physiology.
14:27 Book designed for parents and children to enjoy.
18:27 Convincing kids to eat healthy; critical issue.
20:55 Several extras, more ideas in store, being aware.
23:53 Using subterfuge to educate about specific diet.
26:02 Comparing education, food, and weight in France.
30:09 Office ladies adapt quickly to survive workplace.
33:19 Carnivore diet improves cognitive function, especially in children.
35:03 Parents addicted to constant sugar, impacting kids.
37:53 Bulk orders can be placed through contact.
40:20 Beautiful granite houses in Brittany, linked and renovated.
44:19 Renovations require permits and approval process.
45:40 Expensive architect and materials for roofing.
48:52 Print margin easier, real medium preferred.

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