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Jun 25, 2023

Demetrios is currently in his fifteenth month of following the carnivore diet. Initially, he used raw honey with the comb as a substitute for sugar, which helped him gradually reduce his cravings for that harmful substance. However, around the second or third month, he started experiencing significant insulin spikes, sugar cravings, heartburn, and increased hunger even from consuming honey.

As a result, he decided to stop using honey. At around the sixth-month mark, he experimented with incorporating fruit into his diet. He cooked a steak and added a cut apple to his meal, but he immediately felt unwell after consuming the apple.

Since that experience, he has avoided both honey and fruit due to the negative effects they had on his body. Whenever he consumes honey or fruit, he notices a quick return of inflammation, pain, brain fog, and a complete lack of energy that lasts for at least 24 hours.

Despite this, he still occasionally experiences cravings for honey, although he does not have the same desire for fruit.

00:00 Trailer
00:51 Introductions
03:45 Chronic pain and obesity
05:43 Start of carnivore journey
08:05 Huge weight loss on carnivore
09:07 Back surgery prior to carnivore
11:46 Change in kids on carnivore
12:28 Getting off meds thanks to carnivore
13:26 Cognitive changes on carnivore
14:31 Reintegration attempts
18:29 Typical day on carnivore
20:26 Social response to diet
21:44 Other positive changes thanks to diet
23:12 Plans with doctor checkup
25:01 Effect of carnivore diet on training
25:48 Libido on carnivore
26:08 Hardest part of going carnivore
27:57 Bowel movements on carnivore
30:33 Low sodium diet pre-carnivore
32:34 World view of others since carnivore
34:22 Cooking at home versus eating out
35:58 Customer response to changes
36:59 Outlook then versus now
38:07 Threat of rationed meat

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