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Dec 22, 2023

Alia's experience with health issues and her journey to recovery is both compelling and inspiring. She suspects she suffered from endometriosis, a condition characterized by menstrual irregularities. Her struggles extended to sleep disturbances, intense food cravings, persistent back pain, and an unhealthy obsession with food and weight, leading to obesity. Remarkably, a c-section scar that troubled her for five years, causing itchiness and sometimes producing pus, began to heal within two months of adopting a carnivore diet.

Furthermore, this dietary change has significantly alleviated her dermatitis, a condition that caused her immense discomfort for many years. While it's not completely resolved, the pain and symptoms are much more manageable. Alia notes that this lifestyle shift has not only brought physical relief but also rekindled her zest for life, indicating a profound impact on her overall well-being.

00:00 Pregnancy, diet, and pain caused major changes.
05:25 Struggled with weight, tried many diets unsuccessfully.
08:47 Transition to low-carb diet improved digestion.
12:18 Teenage health issues resolved through dietary change.
13:59 Nutrition impacts every aspect of our existence.
18:06 Colombian diet contrasts with ultra-processed US food.
20:00 Balancing fat intake for optimum health and comfort.
25:34 Avoiding excessive dairy, especially when away.
26:27 Transitioning from go-getter to happier, documenting journey.
31:25 Researching real estate is stressful but rewarding.
34:52 Phone use replacing face-to-face communication, impacting lifestyle.
37:21 Pre toasted bread, expensive Starbucks and McDonald's.
39:09 Value happiness, improve health through nutrition research.
42:17 Closing.

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