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Jun 7, 2024

Stepanka faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic. Previously active and involved in training, the sudden halt to her routine led to unexpected weight gain. Misconceptions about her struggle with anorexia added to her burden — people often assumed she could manage food well, but, in reality, her rigorous training had left her no time to eat, leaving her extremely hungry and malnourished. Confined at home and with ample opportunity to eat, Stepanka began consuming food all day, resulting in a weight gain of almost 30 kilograms over the course of two to three years. 

Going on the carnivore diet, Stepanka saw benefits in stomach pain, acne, eczema, hair condition, weight, energy levels, and mental health.

00:00 Trailer.
00:53 Introduction.
05:01 Anorexic teenage diet led to physical issues.
07:56 Transitioned to carnivore diet, resolved gut problems.
10:18 Striving for good through veganism, struggles with misanthropy.
13:35 Minimalistic diet focused on beef for nutrition.
14:37 Recovery from trauma and mental health through diet.
19:32 Friend's transition from vegan to carnivore diet.
22:21 Challenges with acne and promoting healthy living.
23:41 Uncertain about diet, impact on acne, implementation.
28:50 Dancer turned non-sports person maintains muscular legs.
31:06 Fiber can waste nutrients. 
32:37 Acne theory tied to reproductive beauty standards.
37:58 Climate change denial, concerns about plastic waste.
39:22 Pollution and plastic in food supply are concerning.
41:28 Where to find Stepanka.

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