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Aug 17, 2023

Dana faced significant physical and mental health challenges. Despite the early signs, he, like many, remained unaware of the impending health crisis. However, after a few challenging years of recovery, Dana underwent a profound transformation. This personal journey led him to pivot his career, dedicating himself to the betterment of others' health and wellness.

His dedication and accumulated knowledge birthed Insight Health & Fitness, a testament to over a decade of his work in the health sector. Dana's signature offering, the Belly Fat RESET program, stands as a beacon of his refined approach to health. A pivotal moment in his career was his exploration and clinical assessment of the carnivore diet, reshaping his perspective on health practices and client support.

Today, Dana, an FDN Practitioner with advanced training in functional lab testing and lifestyle coaching, also boasts credentials as a NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist and a certified Functional Movement Specialist. His recent accomplishment includes completing the Carnivore Diet Coaching program by Revero and Dr. Shawn Baker. Beyond his professional life, Dana cherishes his family, having been married for 46 years and blessed with three children and five grandchildren. His leisure is filled with family time, outdoor adventures, and passionate support for the 49er games. For those keen to delve deeper into Dana's work, offers a comprehensive look into his Belly Fat RESET program.

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:02:06 12 years in health and fitness.
00:07:46 Positive impact of clean diet on health.
00:13:35 Assessment shows improvements in health and symptoms.
00:17:28 Arthritis led to contract for better treatment.
00:19:50 Long-term skin condition improves with lifestyle changes.
00:23:11 Improved mental health and clarity through diet.
00:26:59 Supportive environment for personal health journey.
00:33:30 A1c not always accurate measure.
00:37:55 Considering starting a group training program.
00:42:09 Focus on metabolic health.
00:44:55 Dissatisfaction with allopathic system.

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