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Dec 23, 2023

Richard grew up between Newport Beach, CA, and Las Vegas, NV.  Being a kid from a beach town and a desert town he swam, skateboarded, raced BMX, rode dirt bikes, rode horses, and played baseball at a competitive level. Professionally he has run restaurants, casinos, and an import/export company along with spending almost two decades as a trusted Real Estate advisor in Las Vegas.  At one time in his life, he was over 620 lbs, a size 80 suit, an 8XL, and unable to stand for more than 30 seconds at time, but one small change at a time changed everything.

00:00 Ignoring health warnings, weight ballooned to 629lbs.
05:00 College buff.
08:02 Overeating led to failed diets and exercise.
11:20 Bariatric surgery has risks, potential complications, impacts weight.
13:52 Hospital stay, insulin injections, nutritionist's inspiration.
17:24 Transitioning to a carnivorous diet reduced hunger.
20:44 New obesity drugs mimic natural satiety signals.
22:50 Overcoming obesity through exercise and determination.
28:01 Eating 2 to 3 meals, mainly meat.
30:22 Weight loss brings confidence and self-reflection.
32:52 Evidence suggests many diabetics struggle with carbs.
36:21 Negative impact on memory and hair loss.
39:00 Real estate and casino industry experiences, food preferences.
42:35 Exclusion from seats due to weight loss.
48:04 Balanced diet advice challenges historical feasibility.
48:49 Closing.

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