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Jul 29, 2022

Leo Karl Hanke lives near Trent, in northern Italy. He was born in West Berlin in 1984. From the age of 1 he lived in Italy near Venice, where he grew up and went to school. After school he studied design in Milan for 2 years, and then he changed his mind and started medical school in Verona.
While he was studying, in 2012 he got multiple sclerosis, which remained undiagnosed for 2 years. After the diagnosis in 2014, he was left with no therapy for one whole year, so he started to look for some alternatives to the standard therapy. In 2016 he started a protocol that uses high doses of vitamin D (Coimbra protocol), and thanks to it since then he has MS in total remission. The Coimbra Protocol revolves around the concept of resistance to vitamin D, which has been proven to be a real thing, and can easily be measured.
At the same time, he also had severe GI problems (recurrent diverticulitis, IBS, reflux), and in 2017 he got his sigma removed because of that. The operation didn’t fix the root cause of his problems, so he started to look for dietary solutions. He started keto in 2018, then carnivore in 2019 after watching the JRE episode with Shawn Baker.
Before carnivore in addition to the GI problems, he was obese and suffered from insomnia, bad anxiety, hypertension, joint pain, and severe concentration and memory problems. All these symptoms totally resolved thanks to the carnivore diet and he lost 40 kg of weight.
His memory and concentration came back, and he had plenty of energy, so in 2020 he finally graduated from medical school.
Since 2021 he does night shifts as a MD for urgencies, and in April this year he started attending a school to become a family doctor.
Last year he also got a Masters degree in ketogenic diets and started a small YouTube channel where he talks about medicine (mainly vitamin D).

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Vitamin D
07:29 Kidney role in vitamin D metabolism
10:08 MS, ketogenic diet, vitamin D
13:40 Shawn Baker on Joe Rogan Podcast
20:12 Cholesterol and the immune system, vitamin D
26:38 Vitamin D versus diet
30:46 Weight-bearing exercise for bone health
31:30 NAFLD and vitamin D
33:50 Coimbra protocol
36:35 Neurologists and Coimbra protocol
40:39 Vitamin D toxicity, titrating vitamin D
43:54 Autoimmune disease and higher level of PTH
46:48 All autoimmune diseases respond to Coimbra protocol
49:19 Other improvements with Coimbra protocol and carnivore diet
53:02 Where to find Leo Hanke

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