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Jul 29, 2022

In her twenty years as a published author, Jayne Buxton (MBA, MA) has written on a wide variety of subjects. Her work includes short and long-form fiction, journalism, and two works of non-fiction, Ending the Mother War: Starting the Workplace Revolution and her most recent book, The Great Plant-Based Con. Like Ending the Mother War, The Great Plant-Based Con challenges the dominant narrative about an important issue and proposes a compelling alternative perspective.
Prior to her writing career Jayne spent fifteen years working as a management consultant and entrepreneur. Her experience in research and data analytics and her deep understanding of the drivers of corporate behaviour underpins much of the analysis found in The Great Plant-Based Con.

00:00 Introduction
02:45 Game Changers
04:06 Google partnering with C40 cities
06:04 Protein needs increase with age
07:13 C40 cities and meat
09:06 Vegan diet deficiencies
12:04 Environmental impact of meat
15:30 Plant-based advocacy
19:35 FReSH, EAT-Lancet
23:33 Cholesterol and cardiovascular risk
26:58 Beef and China
30:45 Taxes on meat
31:33 Reception of Jayne’s book
36:30 Removing nitrogen fertilizer
39:30 IPCC
40:50 Grassroots educational efforts
45:25 Lab meat
49:18 Guilt-free meal
52:11 Shifting cows off land to grow plants

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