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Jul 31, 2020

Jason Carter is a 33 year old male who has been practicing 11 years as a Registered Nurse. He has followed a carnivore diet for 3 years. Jason used to be obese with his highest weight reaching 300 lbs. He has battled depression, anxiety, arthritis, insomnia, pre-diabetes, histamine intolerance, anemia, and fatigue. He has experimented with a vegan diet twice and failed both times. Upon learning about the ketogenic and carnivore diet, he has lost a total of 111 lbs and reversed many ailments in the process. Inspired by his success and many others, he is now studying to become a certified health coach so he can help others optimize their health and quality of life. You can find Jason on IG: @ketopocalypse & Twitter: @ketopocalypse. This episode is hosted by Dr. Shawn Baker MD. Find him at