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Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast

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Jun 21, 2023

Donna heals from Graves thyroid disease and osteoporosis.

00:00 Trailer
01:01 Introductions
03:43 Graves disease
07:39 Switch to carnivore
10:57 Transition to carnivore and effects on osteoporosis
14:47 Reduction in bone pain
16:44 Impact of carnivore diet on Graves disease
20:20 Diet before carnivore
25:08 Cost of the carnivore diet
26:09 Opinions of friends and family about diet
29:27 Day-to-day improvements on carnivore
32:34 Risks of heart disease on carnivore
33:35 Plan for bone scans and other testing
34:43 Impact on strength
35:49 Carnivore for pets
37:41 Appetite on carnivore diet
40:45 Support from friends and family
43:38 Attention spent on food
45:05 Future goals on carnivore

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