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Dec 28, 2023

Sammy shares her journey with cancer and her experiences with different diets, including veganism, ketogenic, and carnivore. She discusses the benefits of the carnivore diet, the importance of achieving a low GKI number for cancer treatment, and the challenges she faced with her eating disorder. Sammy emphasizes the role of nutrition in managing eating disorders and the need for a holistic approach that includes physical and mental well-being. She also addresses misconceptions about calcium supplementation and the adaptation to ketosis. Read Sami's story here:

00:00 Trailer and introduction.
06:04 Ketogenic diet helped psychiatric issues, carnivore diet better.
10:35 Ketogenic diet for cancer, known before diagnosis.
13:51 Life-saving cancer advice.
17:42 Monogastric animals affect body and diet response.
18:51 Importance of diet for cancer patients' health.
22:02 Doctor neglects cancer prevention, emphasizing surgical therapies.
25:51 Calorie balance, fat intake, protein importance summarized.
30:41 Maintaining positivity despite terminal cancer diagnosis.
32:12 Setting measurable goals is important for cancer.
34:57 Supportive carnivore community.
39:01 Carnivore approach for cancer treatment challenges veganism.
41:45 Cancer survivors use metabolic fasting approach.
45:03 Ketogenic diet experts revise definition of nutritional ketosis.
50:05 Restricting protein might not affect calcium absorption.
51:20 Importance of calcium intake and absorption variation.
55:38 Closing.

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