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Oct 22, 2023

Jason is a Vonuan Voluntaryist. He spends most of his time trying to subvert coercion, supporting alternative currencies, and commercing with small agorist businesses. He is highly focused on the second-hand economy. 

Jason was a co-star of a 6 part docuseries called "The Anarchists" on HBO. The Anarchists was filmed over 6 years in Acapulco surrounding the annual event called Anarchapulco. 

Jason is also a leisure specialist & a co-writer for a TV script. He spends a lot of time trying to find shortcuts to work & daily activities and he is a huge proponent of hammock napping. 

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:01:55 Background.
00:05:42 Activists seek freedom, defy government control.
00:09:40 Snowball effect leads to personal transformation and healing.
00:14:15 Digestion issues, kidney pain, but bullet resistant.
00:19:40 Acapulco has divided cartels but remains safe.
00:25:44 Anarchists debate vegan vs. carnivore diets.
00:29:37 Differences in living in a popular tourist spot.
00:34:34 Role in documentary.
00:37:40 Situation at US border.
00:39:55 Loose immigration policies in Mexico.
00:44:19 Corruption.
00:49:31 Freedom in Mexico.
00:56:37 Where to find Jason.

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