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Jul 31, 2023

Jim decided to shift from a standard American diet to a carnivore diet following a medical event - a stroke. This significant incident served as a wake-up call, leading Jim to reconsider his eating habits' health impacts.

Jim shares that his current diet primarily consists of various types of meat, such as ribeyes, ground beef, pork, and chicken, complemented by eggs and occasional dairy items like butter and cheese. His narrative paints a compelling picture of how his dietary transformation has helped him shed excess weight, maintain steady energy levels, and boost his overall health to the extent of eliminating his dependence on specific medications.

Throughout the conversation, the benefits and potential downsides of the carnivore diet are discussed, focusing on blood markers and cholesterol levels. Despite initial worries, Jim finds that his cholesterol levels are not only within healthy ranges but have also improved since he adopted the carnivore diet. Another topic brought up is the role of exercise, particularly in terms of its effectiveness in eliminating visceral fat.

As the conversation winds down, Jim shares his philosophy on nutrition. He suggests a return to a more primitive way of eating, reflecting on what our diet would have looked like 100,000 years ago. He firmly believes that this approach promotes a biologically appropriate diet. In his case, this means eliminating processed foods and incorporating regular fasting periods.

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:01:33 Active kid, weight gain, tried different diets, had health complications, had a stroke.
00:07:47 Confusing information on diets, frustration with recommendations.
00:09:00 Switching to keto and carnivore diets helps. Carbs cause carb cravings. 
00:12:51 Stopped statin, reflux a concern, long-term effects questionable.
00:18:33 Efficient cooking saves time for carnivores.
00:19:44 Keto avoids pizza, time-consuming prep and environmental concerns.
00:23:29 Impressive muscle size; norm is flabby.
00:29:10 Blood pressure, visceral fat targeted, labs good.
00:32:13 Wife eats vegetables, but starting to try meat.
00:33:34 Multiple doctors: primary care and concierge.
00:39:57 Sweets and bread biggest downfall.
00:41:17 Strokes and life-long disabilities. Steady energy with less fluctuations.
00:45:20 Cardiologists generally satisfied with cholesterol levels.
00:48:44 Confusion about what to eat; look to history.

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