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Dec 27, 2023

Pete is a meat expert who believes in the power of breeding and dry aging Akaushi beef to create the most flavorful and tender meat. He is passionate about creating the perfect steak and believes that once you try an Akaushi burger, you won't want anything else. He also has seen the health benefits of Akaushi beef, as his wife's fatty tumors disappeared after incorporating it into her diet. 

00:00 Trailer and introduction.
04:41 Challenges selling meat online, finding USDA processing.
07:04 US steaks impressing guests from France. Ranching heritage?
12:53 West Texas, oil, economic development, tax incentives, location.
15:46 Overcame challenges to ensure 2-day delivery.
17:49 UN recommends reducing consumption of ruminant animals.
22:37 Shane recalls heat causing cattle deaths in Kansas.
25:18 Unique, flavorful cuts, Akaushi Burger, a must-try.
27:06 Lipomas shrink with reduced insulin and research.
32:22 Cattle are sent to a feedlot for feeding.
35:09 End of aquifer, but successful water drilling.
39:54 Cattle eat love grass, supplemented 3x/week.
41:04 No market for hide or bones. Organs collected for dog food.
45:24 Supportive encouragement for fighting to promote beef.

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