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Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast

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Oct 31, 2023

Chris creates recipes for the keto and specifically the carnivore diet. He has lost over 113 lbs and is still shedding more, conquered his carb addiction, and studied low-carb lifestyles and his own reactions to food extensively to heal himself, lose weight, and develop food that appeals to our social human element without ever requiring compromise on dietary needs. He's built a community of low-carb followers who enjoy varying their diet occasionally with special dishes for events like holidays or family gatherings but aim to remain low-carb/keto/carnivore. He has countless stories about individuals this has aided, including his own mother who is type 2 diabetic and is now off all insulin, leaning more towards ketovore and carnivore with the use of his recipes. His goal is to change the world one plate at a time with keto and carnivore.

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction,
00:02:51 Unhealthy lifestyle, 400 pounds, discovered keto.
00:07:05 Weight loss improves pain and oral health.
00:11:16 Meat, eggs, salt, minimal spices, coffee.
00:19:25 Juice fast failed, keto worked for us.
00:23:41 Creating carnivore recipes stabilizes and challenges me.
00:28:39 Better quality of life from healthy recipes.
00:35:47 Weight, health issues led to depression, apathy.
00:37:46 No doctor involvement for years, now recovered.
00:46:01 Reduced meals, less hunger, smaller portions.
00:49:53 Restriction in carnivore diet causes social difficulties.
00:56:33 Research supports benefits of alternative medical remedies.
01:01:32 Where to find Chris.

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