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May 24, 2024

Raffaela is an Austrian animal rights activist fighting for animal liberation and veganism as the moral baseline.





00:00 Trailer
00:52 Introduction
06:44 Individual characteristics
09:33 Animal rights
11:10 Ethics of eating animals
15:43 Animals vs. humans
19:34 Eating humans vs animals
23:29 Racism
28:37 Ethical treatment of animals
31:07 Species and suffering
35:02 Abuse
38:35 Vegan activism
41:03 Animal cruelty intervention
43:40 Captive cow lifespan versus wild ruminant animals' 
46:36 Feeding cats a vegan diet
49:35 Suffering in feedlots
54:27 Health care systems
55:53 Vegan diet death toll
59:11 Where to find Raffaela

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