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Apr 28, 2024

Richard has been a carnivore for 5 years, following a ketogenic diet for 11 years. He was once clinically obese, had type 2 diabetes, and suffered from daily debilitating migraines that would render him blind. He also struggled with chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, and in his mid to late 20s, he could barely walk up the stairs without stopping or being severely out of breath. He switched to a keto diet and within 12 months, he lost 107 lbs, reversed his diabetes, and no longer suffered from any of the aforementioned issues. The subsequent years saw him become a pro athlete and a British & European champion in men's physique bodybuilding. Today, he is a nutritionist and an ambassador for the Public Health Collaboration, assisting others in combating their health issues, ranging from insulin resistance & diabetes to APKD and cancers.

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00:00 Trailer.
00:52 Introduction.
04:46 Eliminated bread, lost weight, improved health.
08:38 Transitioned to ketogenic lifestyle after health struggles.
10:32 6 months later, feeling better, questioning diet.
13:25 Spinach contains potentially lethal levels of oxalate.
19:12 Plant-based diets affect neurotransmitter production negatively.
20:57 Balanced diet crucial, advocating for cyclical approach.
26:06 Biohacking, nutrition, lifestyle, and genetics control health.
28:02 Vegan-turned-carnivores need to supplement vitamin B12.
31:16 Grass-fed beef and lamb lead to health.
34:43 Carbs are essential for athletic performance?.
38:04 Transitioning to ketogenic lifestyle activates Nrf2 pathway.
41:35 Carbs necessary for endurance, not bodybuilding success.
44:36 Record-breaking athlete improves performance on zero carbs.
47:18 Carbohydrate loading before marathon adds water weight.
51:38 Animal proteins high in potassium, calcium, magnesium.
52:49 Eating bone and connective tissue benefits.
55:27 Where to find Richard.

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