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Jul 23, 2023

At age 65, Mollie shifted from a diet riddled with health issues to embracing the carnivore diet, an approach focusing primarily on animal-based foods. This change resulted in a remarkable transformation, from a high coronary calcium score indicating potential heart disease, to a significantly reduced score within a year. The new dietary regimen, combined with an active lifestyle, helped her lose about 50 pounds and noticeably increased her energy levels. Today, she enjoys her retirement with renewed health and a deep sense of gratitude, demonstrating the profound influence of dietary changes and an active lifestyle on overall well-being.

00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:02:52 Heart issues, surgeries, lifeline screening, carnivore diet, improvement.
00:07:39 Energy level soared, sinus cleared, active lifestyle.
00:09:57 Clinic visit, cholesterol test, got good results.
00:14:02 Avoids eating meat, uses dried organ meats.
00:17:37 Kids got sedentary, played video games.
00:19:44 Satisfied with eating two meals a day
00:25:17 ITaste buds change. Cost of diet.
00:26:41 Eating schedule - important for a busy retirement
00:31:58 Man loses job, starts successful knife business.
00:35:10 Joined Rivera group, offered help, met Dr. Baker.
00:36:18 Foot injury led to surgery and recovery.

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