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Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast

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Jul 27, 2022

Gillian is passionate about helping to turn the tide of modern disease; empowering individuals and communities to become healthier and happier. Her journey began after rebuilding her own health and learning to live well with a number of chronic health conditions – as half of Australian adults and a third of Australian children do (along with a significant percentage of the population of most developed countries).
Gillian is a Health Coach and qualified and registered Clinical Nutritionist,  Coach for Lipedema Simplified, Admin for Low Carb Melbourne, Regular presenter for the Low Carb Lifestyle Long Weekend Summit, Ambassador for That Sugar Movement Nutrition Network, and accredited LCHF Practitioner and Advisor – and she also works in community-based programs for Active and Healthy Ageing.
Despite being an N Equals Many Carnivore study drop-out, Gillian’s way of eating is Cyclical Carnivore, she’s no longer afraid of a plate of food with no green stuff on it and Carnivore is a valuable part of her clinical toolkit.


00:00 Introduction
02:50 Allergies, food intolerances, exclusion diet
04:39 Science vs marketing
08:59 Nutritional medicine
14:25 Lipedema
18:39 Registered dietitian vs nutritionist
22:56 Exercise
26:08 “Acid foods”
30:52 Bone mineral density improves on carnivore diet
32:44 Elimination diet
38:23 Melbourne the allergy capital of the world
44:01 Testing for allergies
47:35 Giving up meat
51:33 Where to find Gillian

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