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Oct 19, 2023

Since he was a child, Sean struggled with anemia of chronic inflammation and mixed connective tissue disease. His symptoms became worse when he was in college, and after visiting a rheumatologist, he was put on hydroxychloroquine for immunosuppression. In 2019, he was working on a gut microbiome research project at the University of Arizona. During that time, an undergraduate student mentioned to him how an all-beef diet may be of benefit to autoimmune disease. 

Having been thoroughly indoctrinated into medical culture, he was firmly in the grasp of a pescatarian lifestyle. He would eat fruit, corn chips, vegetables, and hummus daily, with an occasional can of sardines. His hemoglobin was steadily dropping along with his exercise tolerance, he was experiencing worsening joint pain, and began having simple partial seizures. A rheumatologist then recommended starting stronger immunosuppressive therapy such as azathioprine. 

That's when he remembered what the student had told him and he found the work of Dr. Shawn Baker and Paul Saladino. In 2020, very shortly after he started the strict carnivorous diet, strictly red meat and butter, he experienced nothing short of a miraculous resolution of his symptoms. Joint pain abated, normocytic anemia resolved within several months for the first time in his life, and seizure activity resolved. As he became more interested in the work of Paul Saladino, he began touting the dangers of long-term ketosis and the benefits of fruit and honey. Regrettably, he followed this advice over the course of the next 2 years. 

Although his autoimmune disease did not return, his seizures became more frequent and eventually more severe, requiring him to start taking Keppra, an antiepileptic medication. He didn't think that the cause could be his copious consumption of sugary fruits and massive amounts of honey. He then began to read criticisms of this strategy and, honestly, his respect for Dr. Saladino deteriorated with his incessant promotion of dubious organ pills. Since this past winter, he's been consistently in ketosis, eating zero carbohydrates, with commensurate steady improvement in the temporal lobe epilepsy. 

Recent publications such as 'Brain Energy' by Dr. Chris Palmer have highlighted to him how important brain metabolism is for neurological conditions. He hopes that no one else makes the same mistake and reaps all the incredible benefits of long-term ketosis through a carnivorous diet.

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00:00:00 Trailer and introduction.
00:03:10 Athlete turned researcher investigates diet for illness.
00:07:34 Promote low carb diet, addiction not recognized.
00:09:39 ER care expensive, people avoid, some frequent flyers.
00:14:16 Doctors' influence on coworkers' diets acknowledged.
00:17:35 Gaining muscle with plant-based diet, neurological issues.
00:21:28 "Don't focus on putting statins in water."
00:23:58 Fortunate owners of small independent hospital.
00:28:41 Carb addiction led to seizure; friend saved.
00:32:06 COVID exacerbates infections, including in children - Summary.
00:34:32 Rib eye steak as an appetite suppressant.
00:36:57 Optimistic about success, not interested in profit.
00:39:36 He's a great guy who questioned nutrition.
00:43:11 Medicine increasingly corporatized.
00:46:52 Hospital disregards insulin protocol, promotes unhealthy food.
00:49:30 Where to find Sean.


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