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Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast

We share carnivore diet interviews with VIP guests and success stories that are truly inspirational and life-changing!

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Oct 31, 2022

Alicea is 52 years old and has been on the carnivore diet for 2 years.  She was on keto for 3 years before that. She suffered from eating disorders for 33 years and the carnivore diet has been a lifesaver.  She is in perimenopause and has no symptoms since going on the carnivore diet two years ago. She says many of her...

Oct 29, 2022


KasumiKriss was a top tier soccer player in The Netherlands when she became Vegan in 2014. Within months, aching joints and declining energy levels sidelined her soccer career, and slowly ate away at her life. While her skin aged, her hair fell out, and while she lost her period on...

Oct 27, 2022


Revero/Carnivore.Diet member Alex tells his story of how, after an accident, he struggled with PTSD. At the same time, he had weight issues. The carnivore diet has brought him relief from those as well as from joint pain, heart burn, and ADHD. 
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Oct 19, 2022


Rachel overcame Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, dysautonomia (POTS), chronic fatigue, gastroparesis, and intracranial hypertension on the carnivore diet.

00:00 Introduction
04:05 Severe migraines and headaches, severe neck pain, pressure behind eyes, weakness in legs, non-epileptic...

Oct 17, 2022

Bjorn reversed metabolic syndrome, resolved arthritic knees, resolved an unidentified skin rash, lost 30 pounds, and improved mental clarity on the carnivore diet. 
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00:00 Introduction
01:56 Eating salmon, sheep, caribou, moose in Alaska
02:42 Fat bikes