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Dr. Shawn Baker Podcast

We share carnivore diet interviews with VIP guests and success stories that are truly inspirational and life-changing!

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Apr 30, 2021

Eric was able to get relief from arthritis and reconfigure his body composition on a carnivore lifestyle.

This episode is hosted by MeatRx coach Nathan.

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Apr 30, 2021

Fuelled by her own personal experiences and passion for helping others, Sara truly enjoys working with her clients to develop their own low-carb or ketogenic way of life in order to resolve their health concerns and improve their overall quality of life.

This episode is hosted by Dr. Shawn Baker MD. Find him...

Apr 29, 2021

Jon healed his migraines and IBS. He had Borrelia and was partially paralyzed in his left eye, but it disappeared! He had problems with his joints which also got better on Carnivore! Plus more!

This episode is hosted by MeatRx coach Amber. Find her at

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Apr 25, 2021

Dr. Kevin Stock, a strict carnivore, has been passionate about health and fitness for two decades. He was the founder, CEO of Muscle Science and a national level physique competitor. He began his professional career in Dental Sleep Medicine treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) as well as practicing in pediatrics. You...

Apr 24, 2021

Dr. Nicholas Norwitz obtained his PhD in ketogenic metabolism and neurodegenerative diseases at Oxford University and is now set to pursue his MD at Harvard Medical School. Although his research expertise is ketosis and brain aging, he has published scientific papers on topics ranging from neuroscience to heart disease...